Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Practice of AWL

1.  For many years significant attention has been devoted to the application of forecasting models, both causal and time series, to the demand for tourism. 

2.  However, most studies use national data and only a few are destination specific

3.  The present paper applies a logistic growth forecasting model to tourist demand for Las Vegas and the empirical results indicate a superiority of logistic growth model when compared to the benchmark seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average (SARIMA) and Naïve 1 models. 

4.  Based on the accuracy criteria of mean absolute percentage error and root mean square percentage error, the present study demonstrates that forecasts of tourism demand obtained by logistic growth forecasting model are more accurate (and hence more useful to tourism managers and planners) than forecasts obtained through any of the two benchmark models.

Using a logistic growth regression model to forecast the demand for tourism in Las Vegas


Monday, September 12, 2016

My unique major: Transportation Engineering

I’m majoring in transportation Engineering. It’s a kind of civil engineering. The aim is to optimize many kinds of transportation, such as highway, railway, waterway in urban area.

But transportation is not only limited for analyzing the objects, but also human. In my laboratory, we research a unique kind of research. Two years ago, we researched the behavior of people in downtown Kumamoto. By analyzing the data of the tracks of people, we can know that which are people gathers to propose the improvement of city.

I love the major because it is related so wide and unique range of different majors. People supposes to be move, so the major helps to optimize the travel!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hello world! (Self introduction)

I'm Takumi, from Japan.
I'm majoring transportation engineering, a kind of urban engineering.
My university is Kumamoto unit, located on the west Japan.

Also my hobby is walking in the town, traveling around the world.
I've been to 8 countries. I love traveling around the world.

It's so interesting to learn new things and going new places I've never visit.
I'm going to enjoy the academic journey!